Saturday, September 15, 2018

"What's outside your window?"

Outside My Window 
by Linda Ashman, illustrations by Jamey Christoph

No one has a better ear for rhyme than Linda Ashman. Outside My Window is a rhyming trip around the world, with every spread dedicated to a different home in a different geographical location.

The sunny, graphic style has an optimism reminiscent of Mary Blair's Small WorldCome Over To My House, pictures by Richard Erdoes, and Home, by Carson Ellis.

The trip bounces to twelve different places including Copenhagen, a rural village in Ethiopia, Kyoto, the Rocky Mountains of Canada, Marrakesh, Boston, and back to the young suburban girl who first asks the question, "What's outside your window?"

It's a reassuring poem and cozy introduction to other cultures. The book ends with bedtime. The girl looks at the moon "we share, that shines in windows everywhere."

You can see more illustrations by Jamey Chrisoph at

Thank you to Eerdman's for the review copy

ISBN: 978-0-8028-5465-0

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

The Odyssey of The Little Barbarian

Renato Moriconi is a unique talent. I received his English edition of The Little Barbarian yesterday. (Thank you, Eerdmans.) 

To start, Moriconi's design, palette and watercolor illustrations are beautiful. And the 5.5 x 12 portrait format is perfect for what's to come. (Hat tip to the art director.)

In this wordless adventure, an intrepid little barbarian makes a dangerous journey on horseback. On each spread he faces different attackers. Snakes, giant birds, arrows, and a sea serpent don't faze him—he can make this journey with his eyes closed. 

He rides on under flying demons and Zeus throwing thunderbolts. He rides over fire and cyclopes. He even rides head-on into a giant scorpion. 

The Little Barbarian only becomes emotional at the very end (and I won't say why). The end is the perfect capper to this inventive and fun picture book.

You can see a slideshow of The Little Barbarian at that link.
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Saturday, July 21, 2018

COLOUR — Art by Selley Davies

Shelley's talented friend @jenniferplayford designed this beautiful poster for her upcoming solo exhibition in October, with her colourful paintings, photographs, collages, and photo-collage puzzles on display. — in Victoria, British Columbia.