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My Wild Cat by Isabelle Simler

The talented Isabelle Simler has written a simple, informative book about a cat and cats in general. Her scratchy, handsome (digital?) ink-work give fur and fabric a textural feel.

With one sentence or partial sentence per spread, the book is a perfect read aloud for the very young. Footnotes add fascinating facts, such as a "cat can run 100 meters in only 9 seconds––faster than any human on record."

In the end we see the cat waiting patiently, then playfully pouncing on the narrator. Written with affection and insight, My Wild Cat is a delightful book for all ages.

Pub date Sept 17, 2019
64 pages


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Illustration from PIPPA AT THE PARADE by Karen Roosa

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"What's outside your window?"

Outside My Window 
by Linda Ashman, illustrations by Jamey Christoph

No one has a better ear for rhyme than Linda Ashman.Outside My Window is a rhyming trip around the world, with every spread dedicated to a different home in a different geographical location.

The sunny, graphic style has an optimism reminiscent of Mary Blair's Small WorldCome Over To My House, pictures by Richard Erdoes, and Home, by Carson Ellis.

The trip bounces to twelve different places including Copenhagen, a rural village in Ethiopia, Kyoto, the Rocky Mountains of Canada, Marrakesh, Boston, and back to the young suburban girl who first asks the question, "What's outside your window?"

It's a reassuring poem and cozy introduction to other cultures. The book ends with bedtime. The girl looks at the moon "we share, that shines in windows everywhere."

You can see more illustrations by Jamey Chrisoph at

Thank you to Eerdman's for the review copy

ISBN: 978-0-80…