Monday, November 13, 2017

At Night

HARDCOVER; Published: 9/2/2016
ISBN: 978-0-8028-5471-1
41 Pages
ages 2 to 6

AT NIGHT starts with a series of animals paired with descriptions of where each one sleeps. (Mischievous minor characters roam the night.) A bat "dangles from the cave roof," a polar bear "snores loudly in his ice cave," and a little boy "sleeps peacefully in his bed." All is in order.

But then you come to two full moons—one in total eclipse—and the book literally flips into dreamland. The polar bear "snores in the doghouse," (or on top of the doghouse). "The dog dozes on a tree branch," and "the leopard dozes in the ice cave."

Bansch's illustrations are textured with collage and pen. Her work is sketchy and playful.

AT NIGHT is a bedtime book perfect for a preschooler who understands order, but enjoys when order is turned upside down.

Thank you to Eerdmans Books for the review copy.

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