Monday, December 26, 2016

The Blue Hour

Coming 2/20/2017
ISBN: 978-0-8028-5488-9
42 Pages
 9" x 12.75"
Ages 4 to 8

I've heard that the color blue, across all cultures, is the last color to be defined. Could that be because it is all around us in so many different hues? 

Isabelle Simler's The Blue Hour is a gorgeous study of blue in its many natural manifestations. Front pages are lined with dots of cerulean, periwinkle, cyan, and many other hues. Spreads are devoted to blue birds, sea creatures, foxes, frogs, a snake, insects, flowers, and mountains against a twilight sky. 

"Little blue herons stand motionless…blue monkeys go quiet…" The serene tempo makes The Blue Hour a tranquil bedtime book, even as the ocean and jungles are full of menace and mystery. The last spread shows a full moon with many of the same animals silhouetted against a starry indigo (or is that navy?). A world map at the back shows where each animal lives, making it perfect for older readers wanting more information. 

I received an F&G of The Blue Hour courtesy of Eerdmans. To see a beautiful display of Isabelle Simler's work, visit

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Linda said...

How gorgeous!