Saturday, April 18, 2015

Victoria Semykina Antolini's 'The Real Boat'

I love the work of children's illustrator Victoria Semykina Antolini, and now she has a superb project which needs a little help getting off the ground. She has a Kickstarter project and charming video for 'The Real Boat' a story about a little boat who dreams of the sea. The finished product will be a gorgeous, collaged and interactive, animated delight and it's just waiting to be launched, so please help her out!


Louisa Ellingham said...

This is entrancing! I am so inspired (as an amateur artist) by your project!! I cannot wait to see this when it is finished--a fairy tale of the sea! Make it come true!

Izzy Bean said...

Beautiful! I love crafty, hands-on projects like these. It makes me want to get more creative and 'dive in' so to speak!