Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Bohdan Wróblewski

via the art room plant 

"Bohdan Wróblewski continues my latest Polish Illustration series."--

(P.S. Visit Hazel Terry's website.)


Kasia Be. said...

Oh, good to see my countryman among such a wirthy companionship!
I discovered your blog and I am spellbound! :) And I also have to admit that I am going to use some of these pictures (ah, childhood...!) and - absolutely - give the information about the source: your blog. Is this ok? I will be thankful if you respond me on mysia-gesia.blogspot.com or write direcly here: mollisia@gazeta.pl

All the best,

Julie said...

Hi mollisia —

Thanks. I'm glad you like the post! I got the jpeg of Bohdan Wróblewski's work from Hazel Terry's blog—