Monday, December 13, 2010

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This was one of my father’s cards. He designed this with colored tissue paper, I believe. This was one of his favorite ways of designing.

My father, Walter Erhard also designed 50% of all Vera scarves and textiles, though never receiving proper credit for his work as he could never put his name on any of it.

He designed greeting cards in addition to the work he did with Vera. As well, he did children’s books, and was a painter. We have many of his paintings if anyone is interested in learning more about those.

He also loved gardening and spent many hours nurturing his plants, many of which he either grew from seed or planted as seedlings.

He was a beautiful person and a real humanitarian. Sadly he left this world in 2005, and my mother, Elfriede, a talented musician, just 2 years after that. He is survived by me, his daughter, and his son Paul Erhard, who lives in Colorado. Both of us are professional musicians. My father actually had said that he wanted to be a violinist when he was very young, but because there wasn’t enough money to pay for lessons, he took up drawing instead!

Later he learned to play the piano on his own.

I’m happy to hear from anyone interested in learning more about my father and his work.

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Lisa Erhard

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