Saturday, November 14, 2009

Georgia and Skippyjon

In my imaginary spectrum of picture books that appeal to children, I place Chicken Butt and Skippyjon on one end, and Georgia Rises, A Day in the Life of Georgia O'Keeffe, on the other. Georgia Rises is beautifully written  by Kathryn Lasky and beautifully illustrated by Ora Eitan.  How appealing it is to kids, I don't know. It could be quiet and poetic enough to tip it off the kid-appeal spectrum. But as I write this I realize that the real focus of the book is color, and color is an interesting subject to a lot of kids. My kids had favorite colors from about the age of 3, and their favorites kept changing.

There are (at least)  two other  picture books about O'Keeffe: My Name is Georgia  by Jeanette Winter, and  Through Georgia's Eyes by Rachel Victoria Rodriguez, illustrated by the marvelous Julie Paschkis.

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Mary Lee said...

The light in that painting is GORGEOUS! It pops off the page. Very O'Keeffe-esque.