Thursday, February 12, 2009

School and Library Visits

Photo by Jody Sitts

Pre-K through Grade 6 and Library Presentations

Presentation Description:

Most children have never imagined what a picture book story sounds and looks like without the illustrations. I show a picture book layout and read the words so that audiences can imagine how they would illustrate the story.  I ask for suggestions about which words require illustrations, so the students can better put themselves in the role of illustrator. 

I also demonstrate how I create a character by using a flip book of a changing face. Just an angle change of two simple lines (the eyebrows) can signal a character’s emotion going from surprise to anger. (Students are encouraged to make their own drawings and characters at this point in the presentation.)

Additionally, I read a couple of short picture books and explain the difference between illustrating someone else’s words and illustrating my own words—showing early drafts and galleys from both THE ARTIST AND THE KING (which I wrote) and PIRATE BOY (written by Eve Bunting).


This week I read Pippa at the Parade to a wonderful group of first graders at the Field Library. Thank you to all of the students and teachers for being so welcoming and on the ball. Your questions and answers were great!

A special thank you to the Field librarians and photographers, Sally Bentley, Jody Sitts, Cookie Stein, and the director Sibyl Canaan.

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Michelle said...

That is wonderful. Congratulations. Sounds like the event was fun all around.