Monday, September 15, 2008

Valeri Gorbachev

Illustration from ONE RAINY DAY


Judith Hunt said...

I knew Valeri when he still lived in Honesdale, Pa. We both worked for Highlights for Children. His work struck me then and still does with it's simple beauty, warmth and humor. I can only wish I had worked harder to stay in touch.

Julie said...

Hi Judith. I saw him in Honesdale last weekend. He had a big stack of his books on display. I wanted to take the whole stack and sit in a corner and read them over and over.

Judith Hunt said...

Were you there for the Highlights for Children annual costume bash?

If you see Valeri again remind him of me as he called in late 2008 and we were supposed to meet in New York City for lunch.

Yes, doesn't his books make great comfort reading? J

Julie said...

Yes, it was the illustrator's weekend. I don't know him -- just had the chance to say I was a fan of his work.

Lana Ushanyova said...

I would like to get Valeri's email address. I knew Valeri when we lived in Kiev, Ukraine. Our kids played together.
I like his books so much