Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Attention Illustrators!

This July, the Just One More Book!! children's book podcast will celebrate its second anniversary and 400th episode of promoting children's books and literacy. As part of our celebration, we are redesigning our website and would like the new look to include artwork that promotes a love of reading.
Illustrators of all backgrounds are invited to submit a logo-like illustration that can be resized nicely and featured on our website for everyone to enjoy. Illustrators submitting artwork will be invited to be guests of Just One More Book!! to talk about their design, the creative process and how their submission helps to promote a love of reading.
We ask that all submissions be emailed to
justonemorebook@gmail.com in JPG, PNG or GIF format, 500×500 pixels on or before June 15, 2008. Let us know if you have any questions.
Thanks and Happy Reading!

Andrea & Mark--


Andrea -- Just One More Book!! Podcast said...

Thank you very much, Julie!

Julie said...

My pleasure!