Thursday, December 13, 2007

Tomie dePaola

"Matisse is my favorite," he said, "because he didn't want the viewer to see the hard work that went into his painting. He would start out with a rendering, then simplify and simplify. I try to be as clear and simple as I can be in my illustrations, so that the child can tell what is going on and what the emotions are."

Click on this link Strega to hear the story (via the Canterbury Public Library)

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Kristen F said...

I enjoyed this article and it made me realize that I used to see Tomie dePaola illustrations as simple and therefore not very interesting. I liked his point about children seeing everything for the first time and how it's always interesting to them. That said, it's not an illustration style that you pore over -- it really works to highlight the text. We are enjoying dePaola's "Christmas Pageant" right now, as we do every year, and I'm seeing it with new eyes.