Tuesday, November 20, 2007

How THE BEST LIST gets made

sort of...

The New York Times Book Review has just released its annual list of the best illustrated books for kids. This time around, the Times tapped as its judges Caldecott Medalist David Wiesner, Steven Heller of the School of Visual Arts, and Ellen Loughran, who teaches at the Pratt School of Information and Library Sciences. We spoke to Loughran about her experience as a member of the panel… and tried to get the skinny on what happens behind the scenes.

(Alas, no naming names. And no mention about the balance of men vs. women.)

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david elzey said...

I tossed out my own two cents about this (my two cents get you a lot of text) and, in short, the thing that bothers me most about the list from a bookseller perspective is there are people who refuse to look at any book that ISN'T on the list or won a major award. I consider many books on the list obvious choices -- as in, you don't need a list to see they're among the best -- but overall I found the list a little too New York based, a little too insider-ish, and a little too white male dominated.

Much like the newspaper and publishing industry.