Monday, March 05, 2007

Scarry PC Redux, Part II

I knew about this updated version of a Richard Scarry book:

But I just found this update that Hillary Lang posted back in May of 2005-- a 1976 page from Cars and Trucks, paired with the original from 1951:

Anyone remember when I posted about Cars and Trucks, an old Golden Book with illustrations by Richard Scarry? And there was this page that stuck out like a sore 70s thumb in the middle of an all 50s book.

It's really hard to look at this Before and After and not think of Mad magazine.


Michelle said...

Julie it's lovely to visit your blog and see all the wonderful illustrations from the past. We can get lots of inspiration!

Julie said...

Thanks, Michelle!

scribblesk said...

Oh, I have this book in the large format with cellophane cover. I love it, it's so beautiful. My kids loved it too and I don't believe they were being sublimnaly indoctrinated. The 70's illustration really doesn't cut it. Thanks for the link!

SmittyCartoons said...

Yah, Amanda's stuff is disgustingly good!

P-E Fronning said...

Thanks, Julie. This was funny! I just hade to make a post :D