Monday, March 05, 2007

A Tiny Doll with Really Big Hair

If you are of a certain age you might remember Mattel's Liddle Kiddle dolls. They are very small-- some were sold inside a plastic "perfume" bottles. (So storage is not an issue.)


Anonymous said...


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gail said...

I must be a certain age. I have a whole collection of "Little Kiddles", one of the few things I saved from my childhood! Mine are even stored in a Liddle Kiddle Club House. Perfume bottles, soda bottles, storybook charachter props, and all. Yes, the one you have pictured is an "Orange Soda Kiddle" I have one. She even came scented with orange. Hmm...never thought these might be worth something...naw, I'd never sell them.


Julie said...

I'm jealous! I have no idea what happened to my Kiddle collection.

SmittyCartoons said...

That is FRIGHTENING! yikes!

gail said...

Being the "saver" that I am, they are well boxed up. Maybe too well boxed. I asked my daughters if they remembered them, and they didn't. I know I showed them! Maybe I should have just left them out for them to enjoy too. Kind of makes me sad now.


Mary Lee said...

Dear Mom,
I promise to free up some shelf space in my old bedroom this summer -- I'll bring my Kiddle collection (and the MatchBox cars, and Skipper and Scooter) back to the Midwest with me! Time to bring my memories home to me!