Thursday, February 01, 2007

Clay and Puppets

I’m a sucker for dioramas and those photo illustrations/puppet displays by T. Izawz & S. Hijikata, and Shiba Productions. So I was happy to receive a copy of THE CAT WHO WOULDN’T COME INSIDE by Cynthia von Buhler. I like the story. But it’s the detailed photography (of miniature furniture and characters made with Sculpey clay) that’s most interesting. At first glance it appears to be quaint. But Ms. von Buhler is a savvy marketer and an artistic dynamo. She's produced a very elaborate website linking to a wacky music video on YouTube: http//

She has other sites, one for her other works and books. And one site advertising her loft/exhibition space.

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CvB said...

Thanks Julie! Best, Hannah