Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Bibi is back! with links to the children's book flickr pages of P-E Fronning, a.k.a. Martin Klasch.

"His last addition to the set was Jim, Jock and Jumbo, a children's book published in New York in 1946. The book was illustrated by Swedish artist Einar Norelius. The other two books are: a book about Papier-mâché and Människornas land, a Danish book with illustrations of children and puffins."

Also look for the wonderful example of work by Herbert Leupin.

And thanks to Bibi, for linking to the works of Toru Fukuda and Lefor Openo. (See Lefor Openo Posters here. )

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modmom said...

i'm crazy for lefor openo,toru fukuda, pe fronning of martin klasch, bibi + julie!