Thursday, September 10, 2015

Olivia Bargman

Wonderful, quirky, delightful illustration by U.K. artist Olivia Bargman

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kevinpat said...

Although I like the illustrations as an adult I wonder if the pictures might be too much for young children. Can young children decipher through the complications & imagery to find meaning? Would a young children gravitate towards such complicated images? No criticism intended, I just wonder whether such books, as beautiful as they are, can actually invite a child in? I've always been a believer that often we don't give young children enough credit to appreciate on a deeper level. Especially in movies, we demean children with juvenile & crass "popular" humor for a quick gag, and we underestimate their ability to wonder and appreciate in a more meaningful & lasting way. The high level thinking skills in books & film. So perhaps works such as this book would do that. I just wonder how you draw them in......????