Monday, June 03, 2013

Peter Selgin and Daniela Tordi

Self-protratit by Peter Selgin

Recently I received a copy of Lo Scrittore e l'Oca  (The Writer and the Goose), a picture book based on the true story of writer and artist Peter Selgin* and his noisy pet goose.

Illustrator and author, Daniela Tordi depicts Selgin's life using vibrant color outlined in black. I love that she has included Selgin's paintings of ships (for Peter Selgin has painted many ocean liners. See his Titanic link). The book is illustrated with a childlike directness that is both simple and detailed.

                                 Illustrations from Lo Scrittore e l'Oca by Daniela Tordi.

Thank you to the art room plant  for the jpegs.
Thank you Daniela, for sending this lovely book.

Daniela's blog

*Peter Selgin also runs the critiquing blog Your First Page 
where you can get free critical feedback without leaving the comforts of home!

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